Come one and all!

This event, An Tir’s Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration, hosted by the Crown of An Tir, is not to be missed! From across this Kingdom's vast lands those that desire nothing more than to create fantastic foods will gather at the edge of the raging Ocean to foment and do their will. So please, journey forth to the Feast and join the cooks and enjoy the fruits of their most valiant and noble efforts!

This year's emphasis for the feast is SPAIN! Spain has a wonderful culinary history, with a mixture of Moorish and European foods. Our teams of cooks will work hard to present a true and authentic picture of the tastes of Medieval Spain! As at past Kingdom Feasts, there will be six courses, served throughout the day from morning until evening.

At this event, in addition to the selection of marvelous foods, you will find all the Bardic talent of the Kingdom. And they will be grateful if you provide them a willing audience and allow yourself to be entertained by them. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a great display of Arts and Sciences throughout the day. Saturday night, after the feast, there will be a grand masked ball held in the Convention Center. You will not want miss this!

There are also tournaments being planned for the fighters of the Kingdom and there will be a Tavern (Games room) for playing and socializing.

Medieval Spanish Plate Sets!

A wonderful An Tirian couple, Baron Duncan McDonald (the potter) and Mistress Sine (the painter), is making plate and bowl sets for sale at the feast. These plates and bowls will be lovely, done in a period Spanish style, and are available for $40 for each plate and bowl set. Buy one or more sets now, as they will go fast! There will be a variety of designs available to choose from when you take delivery of your set at the feast. Please purchase your set(s) with your registration (see the registration page for more information), at as stated above, $40 a set!

The pictures below are examples of pottery made and decorated by Mistress Sine. These are examples of her work; the designs available at the feast will differ, and there will be many more of them.

Why Must I Register for the Feast?

As Coordinator for the past occurrences of AnTir's Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration I would like to thank you all for the fabulous support you have shown for the event. Each year, we have required registration (or pre-registration as we called it) for the feast. We do this because we need to know exactly how many people are going to attend; so we can have enough food to feed everyone. Remember, this event is all about the feast. All the other things that happen at this event are carefully planned for the personal experience of the feast goers, they are all tied together, and this is why only those who are registered are able to attend the event on Saturday!

Thank you for your understanding.