Come one and all!

This event, An Tir’s Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration, hosted by the Crown of An Tir, is not to be missed! From across this Kingdom's vast lands those that desire nothing more than to create fantastic foods will gather at the edge of the raging Ocean to foment and do their will. So please, journey forth to the Feast and join the cooks and enjoy the fruits of their most valiant and noble efforts!

The feast will consist of five courses, served throughout the day, from morning until evening. Each course will be designed to tease and drive your taste buds into delicious madness. The foods which make up these courses are delicacies from throughout the medieval period and are all from a focused location - Italy. As we all know, Italy is known for its great foods!

At this event, in addition to the selection of marvellous foods, you will find all the Bardic talent of the Kingdom. And they will be grateful if you provide them a willing audience and allow yourself to be entertained by them. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a great display of Arts and Sciences throughout the day. Friday night, prior to the day of the feast, there will be a grand masked ball held in the Convention Center. You will not want miss this!

There are also tournaments being planned for the fighters of the Kingdom and there will be a Tavern (Games room) for playing and socializing.

Remember: Pre-Registration is Required!

In order to plan the food for the feast, we need to know how many people are coming and so pre-registration is required. To Pre-register, visit our pre-registration page and follow the instructions there.

New to the Website!

We've recently added pages for the masked ball, the menu (Yum Yum!) and updated the site throughout. Please enjoy the site!